Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mandi Meets the Kitchen

Curry Cauliflower. This is the recipe that we decided to start with on this new cooking adventure. Cooking for me, does not come easy. To be perfectly honest, the kitchen scares me. I tend to shy away from cooking anything more complicated than pasta. I can handle pasta. When my sister suggested cooking together from a distance, I actually agreed with some excitement! Sometimes I truly surprise myself. I'm anticipating this endeavor to be an exciting one, a frustrating one, a very entertaining one, and most of extremely tasty one!

So, the cooking adventure has begun! I documented the first stage on video, showing all the ingredients and my high hopes for a succesful outcome!

And here we have the final dish, nicely displayed with some extra cilantro for a pretty garnish!

Here are a couple of things I discovered while making this meal.

1. Cauliflower is not lettuce. You can't smash the "heart" on the counter and think it's just gonna break apart with ease. I literally had tiny white clusters flying everywhere.

2. Little chopped up pieces of onion like to stick to everything. Which of course meant that some of it ended up in my hair.

3. I started freaking out holding that tiny garlic clove. I thought, "Wait, I just smash it? That's it?" Yep. It worked.

4. I should read the whole recipe before deciding when to make it and when to eat it. Because of the curry flavor, the meal would have been great with some pita bread! All I could find was tortilla chips. But, they did the trick.

5. I discovered that this is by far the best meal I have ever made in that intimidating kitchen!

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  1. You always make me laugh right out loud, even when I am all alone!! I can just picture you trying to smash your cauliflower:-) And then, onions in your hair? You are too, too funny!! Your veggies look terrific. Let me know when you are going to prepare lunch for me!! This recipe is right up my alley:-)


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