Sunday, February 20, 2011

Major Accident Avoided

Our recipe this week is special. Why? Because the sisters were in the same kitchen cooking together! I went Heather's way for a few days and after looking through several cookbooks, we decided on making a jerk chicken wrap. I guess it sounds better than it actually was and the picture below makes it look yummier than it actually was. I liked the flavor in the end, although I agree it could have been stronger. Heather wasn't a fan from her first bite.

Anyway, you're probably wondering what's up with the title for my post? Well, I'll tell you. So, Heather and I both took to our jobs...she was cutting up the chicken, getting the spices together. I was on pineapple duty. I had never cut a whole pineapple before, so Heather showed me a few things and I took to it. The problem was that I had a very big knife, and pineapple chunks are bit slippery when you get pineapple juice on your hands. Can you imagine what happened next? I'll describe what took place and you can picture it in your head in slow motion....the shiny, silver knife slips from my wet hands, it does a giant leap off the counter, aims its sharp, dagger of a head directly to the floor where my bare feet were, I scream a little, jump so high with my feet in the air and the knife lands heavily upon the kitchen floor with a thud. "Woah!" I said. "That was close. That totally would have cut off my toe and we'd be heading to the emergency room right now!" Yep, that's what you get cooking with me. Something major always happens. Well, almost! After that "near toe death" experience, I was a bit more aware of how I was holding that darn knife.

After that little drama was over, we proceeded to stick the chicken in the oven, cut up the rest of the pineapple (with all fingers and toes safely attached to my body), make the salsa, and then of course, suck on a lime. Yea, I was a bit confused when she asked me this too:

I suggest the next time you have a fresh lime in the house, then you should definitely try sucking one. Or maybe even go out and get one right now. It's so refreshing that you're bound to love it as much as I did. I think Heather and I would both agree that the lime was probably the best part of this whole meal. So, I would say: "Don't spend all the time we did preparing this meal and putting your toes, fingers or any other body part at risk. The meal itself wasn't anything to fall in love with. Instead, go buy a lime and enjoy sucking on it."

Oh, and here's a little artpiece I made, inspired by that slippery, yellow pineapple! Ahh yes, good memories of almost losing a toe. Fun times in the kitchen!

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  1. Whew!! I just got back from the store!! Really, I had to run out and get a lime:-) Honestly, Mandi, you are too, too funny!! I don't care if I ever try the wraps, but limes will be on my grocery list forever!!
    I love your art piece, Honey! Did you know? Pineapples are a sign of hospitality. Perhaps you should hang it near the front door to welcome folks when they visit:-)
    Thankfully, you still have all five of your toes!! I don't think we should let Owie cook with you until he is a bit older. Right? What's next for our little cooks?


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