Friday, April 1, 2011

Try It!

I was excited about this meal from the beginning because we had yet to cook asian food for our blog. It's a funny thing about these two sisters. We are Swedish. Why is that funny? Well, because if you look at the majority of foods we have eaten as we've gotten older, it's anything but Swedish. It's Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican...the list goes on. Aside from our blonde hair, you wouldn't know we are Swedish if you just looked at our food palette! "You'd never know my girls are Swedish!" my mom would say. I think it's exciting to try new ethnic dishes. And trying is the key word. Now, that doesn't mean you will like it or that you have to like it, but it's important to try. I once knew a guy who basically only liked ground beef (Plain, might I add. No seasoning at all!) and brownies. I think if he had at least taken one bite of something new, he could have discovered that he liked sushi, or hummus, or even....10 minute Szechuan Chicken! Now that I think about it, he had dark hair. I guess it's true what they say....blondes do have more fun, especially in the kitchen! Personally, I think the above food palette is much more exciting than a brown, monochromatic meat and brownie palette.

This meal was definitely a winner. It scored a rating of 4.95 out of 5 on my dad's food rating scale. "It's a keeper!" he exclaimed. Well, that's just what cook wants to hear! I'd say asian was a success this time. Go brighten your palette!


  1. Very Impressive!!!
    This recipe sure seems to be a big winner ... and your creative design is outstanding:-) The photo belongs in a cookbook!! What can I say...My Swedish girls have become truly amazing Global Gourmet Chefs:-)

  2. I'm going to be attempting Sesame Chicken this week. I'll be using our wok for the first time! Excited for sure, but also hoping it comes out okay. Your Szechuan Chicken looks very yummy!


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