Saturday, April 9, 2011

Summer Color

This winter has lasted a lot longer than I'd like it to, so it's nice to be refreshed by food that helps me envision the summer, the hot sun, and sitting by the water in Vermont. I am definitely a summer child. I can appreciate certain aspects of each of the four the seasons, but I'd pick Spring and Summer over the other two. Yes, the summer can get hot, but I don't mind. The warmth of the sun is a good, good thing. Spring and Summer also bring color. And I don't just mean the color of the green grass and the blooming flowers. I mean the color of smiles, sunburns, laughter, and good food! Growing up, my dad would always grill terryaki chicken, burgers and hot dogs. Even if it was rainy, he'd stand out there with an umbrella watching those burgers, making sure they were done just right. My mom would make her potato salad, which had to be done a certain way for me to like it. No onions or anything crispy like celery. Every Stop & Shop potato salad I have tried, just doesn't compare to the potato salad my mom makes.

This week, we made Greek Panzanella. When Heather said we should try this "bread salad", I was very curious. Would we be scooping bits of salad on our spoons? How was this gonna work exactly? After I read the recipe, it made more sense. The bread would turn into a crouton of sorts. I was beginning to like this! Seriously, who doesn't love bread?! This recipe had so many ingredients that I like, all mixed together in one big bowl of crispy bread and vegetable goodness! With each bite that I took of this salad, I saw summer. This salad is definitely perfect for a picnic! A colorful, summery meal is just what Visual Feast ordered! Again, another success!

*By the way, I had a little leftover cucumber, so I decided to make it into a paint brush to make the little painting above. Along with some colored pencils and my fingers, I have created for you, a cucumber sunset!


  1. Yes, summer and color, may they soon be upon us! And this salad looks and sounds exactly like summer. Heather was telling me about it today and I immediately thought of the summer family reunions we would be having this year and how this would be a perfect dish to bring. Can't wait to try it. And LOVE your cucumber sunset! Thank you for sharing!

  2. My Little Summer Child!! You are such a joy! I am certain I will try this recipe:-) It looks so yummy!! I love all the veggie ingredients!
    Only you, Mandi, would think of painting with a cucumber:-) I love your sunset! It makes me want to head to Vermont as soon as the ice is out:-)


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