Sunday, May 8, 2011

Endless Possibilities

For over a year now, I have been trying to make the perfect omelette. Sadly, I have not succeeded. Well, not yet. You see, every time I try to make an omelette it falls apart, burns onto the bottom of the pan, or ends up being half raw on the inside. Just when I think I figured out what I'm doing wrong, I wind up doing something else wrong and I end up with my own weird scrambled egg concoction. Sure it tastes good, but I want it to look good too. I want to make a perfectly folded omelette, veggies in tact! I believe in myself enough to know that one day, I will succeed at this cooking goal. However, for now, I have discovered the Frittata!

Now, the fact that this recipe involved eggs and was omelette-like, I got a little worried. "Great, up to this point, I have failed at making omelettes, so how the heck am I gonna make a Frittata? And what is a Frittata anyway? Sounds more like a wild Mexican party." After freaking out a little bit, I then discovered that I needed a good iron skillet. This led me to call our neighbor Greg and he came to my rescue once again. Now that I had the pan, it was time to start cracking eggs. I'll tell you, I'm pretty darn good at cracking eggs. Must be those days of working at a bagel shop, making egg sandwiches. Now that I could handle. Crack two eggs into a bowl, throw it all in the microwave, slap the egg on a bagel, and you've got one happy customer. The Frittata was a bit more complicated than that. However, what I did like about this recipe is the creativity of ingredients. Basically anything goes and there are endless possibilities! This first time, I stuck to the recipe and did just veggies, but next time I think I'll try potato, sausage, or ham to add some more flavor. The veggies were good, but it definitely needed a little zing of flavor. Hmm...maybe next time I'll make a Mexican Frittata! Ole!

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  1. I'm sure you'll master the art of making omlettes someday, but I agree, the frittata is a great alternative. Your entries are always so fun to read. It's a great way to start my day:-)


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