Wednesday, August 24, 2011

By Golly It's Green!

Well, of course it's green. It's a hummus made out of edamame beans. I just wasn't expecting it to be so bright of a green. I mean, hummus just shouldn't be green, should it? My initial reaction to the color was one of surprise and then my reaction to the taste of this funny looking side dish was one of indifference. It brings me back to my very first experience with candy corn. This may seem extremely odd to some of you, but it makes complete sense to me. The first time I ever ate a piece of candy corn, I thought, "Hmm, it's wierd. It's sugary and I like sugar, but I'm not sure I like this wierd, orange triangular thing. But, I can't seem to stop eating it." Needless to say, I am now completely addicted to candy corn when Halloween rolls around. Speaking of...that's not too far away. I better go get me some candy corn!

But, back to the green hummus. See, Heather made the hummus before I did, and I happened to try a little sample on a tortilla chip while I was at her house. Honestly, I just wasn't very impressed. I said, "Ehh, it's ok. It just tastes overwhelmingly edamame and I thought it would taste more like, well, regular hummus." Despite my lack of enthusiasm for this "Saint Patty's Day Looking Dip", I agreed to make it too. To my surprise, I had a completely different experience with the hummus the second time around. Instead of a tortilla chip, I dipped veggies in it and I also made an edamame/lettuce/tomato sandwich for lunch. The funky looking hummus is growing on me. I have to say, it was fresh, healthy, bright green and delicious! I might just be addicted!


  1. Must be, that was what Dad was sampling last night? I'll give it a try if there's any left.
    If it works for St. Patrick's Day, I guess it could be a great Christmas side, along with, salsa? And celery and grape tomatoes. And edamame, cucumber slices and pepper strips. You girls can plan on doing appetizers this year:-) As always, I really enjoy your narrative:-) You make me smile:-)

  2. Let me assure you that you can indeed already get candy corn. I know because my daughters roped me into buying some for them recently and now every morning I hear, "can I have a candy corn?" I need to get them hooked on hummus. That would be an acceptable, albeit odd, breakfast.


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