Monday, August 8, 2011

Ole! Oh wait...I mean Mole!

When I first saw the word "Mole" in the title of this chicken dish, you'd think we were making chicken out of one of those little moles that crawl around in your bushes. Cause that's how I pronounced the word. Heather quickly corrected me and I discovered that it was pronounced the same way you say Ole! The reason why I incorrectly said it was because it didn't have the accent over the E. Well, that's my excuse anyways. You can believe it or not. I dare you to search for mole on wikipedia. There are definitely some odd looking moles out there! Just look at this one! Creepy, I tell ya. Just plain creepy! I wouldn't want to come across that thing hiking in the woods.

Ok, let's get serious here. You can be assured that no moles were harmed in the process of making this recipe. It contains chicken meat only. And it was quite delicious! The mole aroma filled the kitchen! I texted Heather amidst my cooking and said, "This better taste as good as it smells!" And sure enough, it did! As yummy as it tasted, it needed a delicious side dish to go along with it. This has become my latest problem. I get so involved cooking the main dish, that I forget that I need something else to eat with it. I have to start planning ahead. A fine couscous would have gone wonderfully with this meal. There's always a next time! Mole!

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  1. Your Dad and I loved it!! And, we agree!! It tastes as great as it smells:-) Your mole pic is too, too funny!! And I love the little mole and the sombrero!! This tasty dish will definitely be on our table again.


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