Friday, August 5, 2011

Tea Juice

I’m not one for juice. Except orange juice. With ice. No pulp. I got that from Nana and Bop-Bop. I remember sitting in their kitchen in Florida sipping on iced cups of orange juice and eating crispy cinnamon toast. Those memories bring me such joy and I can’t help but think of my grandparents when I drink a cup of OJ. When it comes to iced tea, I don’t divert far from the regular ol’ lemon iced tea made by Snapple. The flavor makes me happy and the Snapple facts are pretty entertaining. I've always wondered if they were real facts or just plain made up. I digress. Anyway, it’s true that iced tea is not a juice. But, for me, it’s a great substitution. Especially an iced tea that does have fresh fruit in it.

When I think about memories, I think about how this blog will definitely become filled with entertaining memories. Especially the ones where I either forget something in a recipe, or when I do something completely stupid, or....almost cut off my toe. Well, thankfully nothing too dramatic happened this week. The only thing I forgot was to get a very fine strainer for all the raspberry pulp when I was ready to drain the tea. Needless to say, I drained this tea MANY times. But, I got out all the pulp and it was delicious! I brought some to work and here's the rating from one of my coworkers:

"How would you rate it? Out of 5." - Mandi

"I'm trying to think of a reason why I wouldn't give it a 5. So, maybe a 4.5? No, I give it a 5!" -Tim

I have to admit a I didn't try this tea hot. Perhaps it's my unwillingness to divert. I like my tea juice iced and pulpless! Thanks to Nana and Bop-Bop. Go get some!

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  1. How nice your Nana and Bop Bop show up in your world. For me, and for you, they do so in such unexpected ways. Honestly, I love this blog. Probably, it's the joy of knowing you girls are smiling together in the kitchen, sometimes together, sometimes apart... it matters not. It is very special that you are enjoying each other through this fun visual feast.


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