Tuesday, November 22, 2011

two firsts = two successes

A squash. A plant. A sport. A type of wrestling. A drink.
Another word for crushing something

I've seen acorn squashes before, but never imagined myself buying one and actually cooking it in the oven. No way, that would be just plain extreme. It would most likely explode or who knows what. I played squash once. I had high hopes for being really good at it because I play tennis. "This'll be a piece of cake," I thought. That wasn't exactly the case. Even though it's similar to tennis, the ball is much smaller and it hardly bounces at all. I decided I would stick to tennis because I like running a bouncing ball all over the court.

The last time we made a squash recipe, we weren't quite impressed. We tried spaghetti squash and while the recipe tasted ok, it just wasn't all that we imagined. However, this acorn squash recipe is ten times better. If you want a meal that looks incredibly impressive and gourmet, then you have to make this! I was definitely intimidated when Heather suggested that we make this. But, I'm so glad we did. I tend to let fear creep in way too much, especially when it involves food and making a recipe that's quite involved. I admit this recipe has a lot of steps, but it was totally worth it. I never made quinoa before and had never eaten an acorn squash before either. Two firsts, which ended up being two successes!

I'm pretty sure I'd get better at playing squash if I played more. After all, I did only play once. It's like anything that's given time and energy. My cooking, for example, has improved greatly since we started this blog. I've gone from english muffin pizzas to gourmet acorn squash. Talk about improvement!

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