Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Vision

What I like about Chai:

1. It's creamy
2. It can be made with or without milk (I prefer milk)
3. It's extremely flavorful
4. It's a perfect drink on a bitter cold winter day
5. It has a pretty cool name
6. The main, most important reason (the reason for my advertisement below)'s a close second to coffee. I'll explain....

I know chai is a tea. But, for the longest time, I actually didn't really realize this because every time I ever drank it, it was creamy, like a coffee. I know tea is not coffee and never will be, but I envision some sort of mixture of the two (mostly the mixture of fun spices) and wonder how I could make it taste good. Could there be a chai/tea/coffee? Who knows. I mean, they make tofurkey. So why not Chatecofe? I'll let you decide how to pronounce that.

I see it being a do it yourself drink. We recently got a Keurig coffee machine, thanks to a friend who bought it for us as a "thank you" gift. Nice, huh? Well, after seeing how easy this machine works, I thought about creating my own pod of spices and coffee grounds and making some sort of coffee/tea creation. Adding whatever spices I want to my pod, then brewing it up, maybe adding milk, maybe adding honey. I could end up with a new drink that no one ever thought to mix up. Although, it could end up tasting pretty nasty, but that's the risk I'm willing to take. If I could combine two things I like, then what could be better? It's not exactly tea and it's not exactly coffee. It's my own Chatecofe creation!

1 comment:

  1. Mandi!! You definitely need to go into marketing:-) I love your ad!! It's so inspiring, I would be inclined to give your concoction a try:-)


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