Tuesday, January 24, 2012


My neighbor, Greg, is my "go-to" guy if ever I run out of some spice or I need an egg or I have a cooking question in general. He experiments a lot with food. He has helped me out on many occasions and I'm sure some of my questions made him laugh or roll his eyes the minute he hung up the phone with me! Never the less, Greg is a pretty good cook in my opinion. I remember the first time he gave my dad some of his homemade pizza. It had corn, potatoes, and a bunch of other items that I just didn't think went on pizza. This was before the California Pizza Kitchen fad. When CPK eventually came around to our area, the idea of potatoes and other "strange" items on pizza didn't phase me one bit. I guess I thank Greg for this. That first bite of his odd concoction got me hooked. 

However...experimenting with the toppings isn't the only fun thing when it comes to making pizza. Try making the crust out of cauliflower! Yep. That's what we did this week and it turned out delicious. We got creative with our toppings as well. As you can see, there's some corn, feta, chicken, spinach and tomatoes. I'll have to tell Greg to try this one out! He's sure to find some even more fun toppings for an already fun and creative crust! I definitely suggest trying this recipe. It's easy and tasty. CPK eat your heart out. We've got a new kind of pizza coming! And, we also have Greg. Beat that.

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