Friday, February 24, 2012

nutty cookie

Pumpkin bread. My comfort food. One bite and I'm in heaven. Ok, not exactly heaven. But close. And yes, I know this post is supposed to be about cookies, not pumpkin bread. Trust me, I'm getting there. I just have to get you thinking about that one food that makes you just go, "Ahhh, now that's good." Are you thinking about it? Can you taste it in your mind? Where are you as you savor that bite? Are you there? Aren't you just plain....happy?

One bite of this cookie gave my coworkers a couple minutes of calm amidst the crazy storm of the busy season. It's amazing how one single bite of something tasty, sugary, and crunchy can make a person breath a sigh of contentment and then press onward toward their goal. Thanks to this crazy, apple pretzel cookie, the stress of one day became manageable. I'm glad I made them and I'm even happier that everyone loved them so much. I had my doubts for sure....

As I cut up the chewy dried apples, I thought, "Talk about a weird cookie. No way are these gonna be good. They'll probably be rubbery and too hard to chew. I don't have a good feeling about this." But, to my surprise, it's one of the best cookies I have ever made! I have to keep reminding myself that because I'm not a professional cook, my opinions about how something is most likely going to turn out, probably isn't true. I need to give things a chance. And a chance I did! I have found another comfort food in a crazy nutty cookie!

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