Thursday, March 8, 2012

pepper jack sticks

Whoever invented mozzarella sticks was/is a genius...

Cheese: By far one of my weaknesses
Anything fried or battered: Unhealthy, but lip smackin' good!
Marinara Sauce: Dip just about anything in this and it tastes good.

These mozzarella sticks, however, are skinny mozzarella sticks. They're not greasy and fried. They are gently coated with seasoned bread crumbs, egg and flour. I decided to diverge from the recipe and use pepper jack mozzarella cheese instead of what the recipe actually called for. This was partly a good idea and partly a not-so-good idea. Why you ask? Well, the sticks didn't quite stay in the shape they should have. I'm guessing it was the kind of cheese I used. After I pulled them out of the oven, I had pepper jack cheese squirting all over and my sticks looked a bit flat. But, that's what fingers are for, right? For molding the sticks back into the right shape! I think they definitely needed more bread crumbs too, which might have helped hold the cheese in it's stick shape. Never the less, they tasted great and the little extra spice from the pepper jack cheese was perfect. Ok, so they were a bit flat. In my opinion though, my pepper jack sticks were genius! If I do say so myself!

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