Sunday, April 1, 2012

disaster strikes?

Disaster strikes, yet again. Well, that's what I thought when I first started making these puff pastries. I must describe to you the scenario in the kitchen at the time of attempting these little pastry creations.  Please envision the following:

I had gotten home from work and planned on making the puff pastries for dinner. Yes, I know, they are more like appetizers, so why would I make them for dinner? Remember, it's me we're talking about. My adorable nephew was over and being entertained by grandma. Now, when I say entertained, I mean entertained by anything and everything. Today was rice day. Owen loves taking scoops of rice, making it rain and pour into his hand, onto the floor, down his name it. This of course meant that everywhere I stepped, while trying to cook, was a step on top of rice, rice, and more rice. Being in the kitchen was also a distraction for Owen because he loves being involved in anything cooking related. So, there's me, walking through piles of rice. There's Owen, pulling on my pants saying, "Up, up?" There's a new recipe, which we all know stresses me out. There's pastry dough and salsa squirting out of every side. And there's a whole lot of flour all over the counter. 

Now, after reading that, you would think that these pastries were a complete wreck. Well, to your surprise and mine, they were amazing! The dough puffed up exactly the way pastry puff should, the salsa and other ingredients inside, pretty much stayed inside, and they tasted delicious. Goes to show that a frustrating beginning doesn't always have to end with a frustrating ending. It was just the opposite in this case! Disaster didn't strike me this time!


  1. Well, I could envision the scene perfectly! And the description, which was very reminiscent of a "3 ring circus", made me laugh out loud. Sometimes real life, especially when written up in blog-post format, is funnier than anything else.

  2. What a fun read, Mandi!! I'm glad your appetizers turned out so well, in spite of your dear little Owen's rice distraction:-)


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