Saturday, January 29, 2011

In Chickpea Heaven

I have to admit that when a recipe looks too simple, my skeptical side comes out. Perhaps I have learned on one too many occasions that simple recipes equal...well...simple-tasting foods. And while simple is not bad (I am, in many cases, a proponent of the "less is more" mentality), simple isn't always exciting or intriguing or life-changing. To my utter delight, however, I discovered that roasted chickpeas are not only terribly simple but they are also completely life-changing. Life-changing chickpeas? Isn't that a bit dramatic? Well, perhaps. But, I was more than a little thrilled with this recipe. The ease of preparation. The intensity of flavor. The crunchiness. Now, doesn't that sound deserving of a little dramatic flair?

Still unconvinced? Let me tell you that these would make the perfect snack to throw together should you happen to have unexpected guests drop by. I, fortunately or unfortunately (I have yet to decide), am not one of those people who finds herself with random house guests knocking on her door, demanding roasted chickpeas. However, if you are one of those people, this recipe will in fact be as life-changing as I've been promising.

Need even more convincing? Well, when I made my trayful of chickpeas, the little suckers were so excited that a couple even popped themselves right off the baking sheet in mid-roast. If you have an oven with one of those fancy windows in the door, this potential popping action could serve as a desperate attempt at late-night entertainment. You know, should the cable happen to be out.

Have I not yet won you over? Just go make the darn chickpeas. You'll see. Life-changing, I tell you.


  1. Life changing indeed. Except for the one that got burnt in the over. That one wasn't life changing. It was just kinda sad.

  2. I wasn't sure I wanted to try this snack, but believe me, your encouragement did the trick. Now, I'll probably be addicted:-) They really are yummy!!
    If I remember correctly, your first persuasive writings came along during your middle school years. They went something like this!
    Mom and Dad!! Here are the reasons why I should be allowed to stay up late, or go out with friends to a movie. You know!! Five paragraphs ... Paulker style:-)
    You learned well, Honey!! See how effective you have become? I'm eating chick peas! Those mushy little rattlers I always thought were only good for hummus:-) Go figure!!


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