Friday, March 11, 2011

Blend That Burrito!

When I was little, I was an "FFS". And I guess I still am. This is my newly made up term for "Food Fork Stacker". I did this most often with ham, peas, and potato. You just can't take a bite of ham alone and swallow it, then take a bite of potato alone and swallow it, and then scoop some peas and swallow. You must take ALL three items onto the fork at the same time. Now, it's a little tricky with peas that have a mind of their own. See, you have to grab the mashed potato, squish the peas into the potato so they wont roll off your utensil, and then you stab that piece of ham and direct all flavors of goodness to your mouth at once. In one single mouthful, you get a hint of ham as you bite, then you get a pop of pea in another bite, all blended well with those creamy mashed potatoes. That, my friends is happiness on the tongue.

Now, onto our current recipe. A sweet potato has a flavor that doesn't quite excite me, but I agreed to try this recipe this week because I like beans and I like all the other flavors that went into the mixture. If it has cumin, and some hot pepper, it's bound to be yummy. This cooking adventure was pretty smooth sailing I must say! All the items inside the burrito blended nicely together and every bite gave me a bit of something else. It reminded me of food stacking minus the fork! I took one bite and tasted the bean mixture and then I took another bite and tasted a pop of sweet potato. I had a perfectly blended burrito. Neither ingredient was made to feel more important than the other and I think that's crucial when cooking. You don't want your food choices to feel inferior or superior to the others. I shall now call myself a "Blazin' Burrito Blender!"


  1. You always make me smile!!! FFS? BBB? Go Mandi!! You are the originator of acronyms!! Dad loved your burrito, so I think you will be making this one again! I guess you can go Japanese this weekend. You'll be popping sushi and birthday cake instead of burritos!! Enjoy yourself!!

  2. Along with ham and applesauce, I have found another stacker you should try...
    hot sauce on a jalapeno, then sprinkle on some cayanne pepper to stick in the hot sauce goodness. You'll be calling the NFD (Newington Fire Department) to put out the fire on your tastebuds!
    Want to try it? I'm just a little scared, but ready (I think).


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