Friday, March 11, 2011

Cook Outside the Box

I like things that fall into the "think outside the box" category. Perhaps this comes from being an artist. Perhaps it comes from loving creativity. Perhaps it simply comes from wanting to escape the monotony of everyday life. Whatever the case, the allure of "out of the box" items is strong, and perhaps that's why I loved this week's recipe so much.

Sweet potatoes in a burrito. I, for one, found this to be a highly creative idea. The sweet-potato-lover in me thought the concept was brilliant. And once it was put into practice, my taste buds quickly agreed. The recipe itself was uncomplicated. The creation process went smoothly, with no drama to make this story more interesting (save for a few burnt and sticky fingers as I squished the baked sweet potatoes out of their skins and into a bowl for mashing). The intrigue came in the tasting. The contrast of the potatoes' sweetness against the Mexican-inspired bean mixture was lovely. And adding plenty of ooey, gooey cheese made my mouth even happier.

As I savored the first few bites, I began to wonder, however, if Mandi and I have an abnormal attraction to recipes involving wraps. Or perhaps we've just gotten into a bit of a rut with our recipe-choosing. We've been blogging for less than 2 months and already three out of our eight recipes have involved some sort of flour tortilla. That's not very out of the box, now, is it?

But, I'm telling you, these burritos really are...out of the box, that is. So, as skeptical as you may be, just humor the nonconformist in me, and give them a try. Push those taste buds toward culinary creativity.


  1. Out of the box!! Yes! But, Dad loved them, so I think you have a winner. When you guys move back to Connecticut, please make them for me. I love your sweet potato art. Did you do it in watercolor? It could be framed and hung in your kitchen:-)

  2. If you get in a recipe rut, would you take suggestions from your reading audience?

    You surely have convinced me of the Sweet Potato Goodness inherent in every bite!


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