Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I must follow up on Heather's post from two weeks back. The one referring to my extreme and odd love of eating just plain lettuce. "Yes, ok? It's true!" However, I don't think this is as weird as some people think it is. If anything, having a weird desire for lettuce as a young child has only instilled in me healthy eating habits as I've gotten older. One of those healthy habits just happens to be salad. As I've mentioned several times before, I love salad. Aside from the fun toppings, I believe a salad requires good romaine and leafy lettuce. Although I liked chomping on iceberg lettuce when I as little, I am not a fan of it now. I guess you can say I'm pretty picky about my salad! I also believe that a salad needs just the right dressing! I can definitely decifer between cheap, unhealthy, and just plain nasty dressing.

-First, there's that particular type of cheap italian dressing that I just can't stomach! The color isn't too appealing either.

-Then there's the ranch dressing that tastes oh-so-good, but it's so thick and creamy that you can barely get up from your booth at Denny's. "Wait, why am I at Denny's in the first place? Absolutely nothing is healthy here! Check please!"

-Oh, and then there's that oil and vinegar stuff that just wasn't made right and hardly has any flavor at all. What's the point of that?

Honestly, after reading those choices above, I'd much rather eat my lettuce plain. The little 6 year old Mandi might have had the right idea chompin' on those flavorless crispy greens! Then, we come to our dressing this week. A type of caesar, which, to my surprise had a dash of hot sauce. Do you remember my drama with hot sauce a few months ago? Well, no more drama there! I splashed that dash of hot sauce without a blink and without an anxious bone in my body. I hereby announce that I'm making headway in the kitchen! And, I announce that I discovered a flavorful, healthy and not-so-ugly colored dressing to add some pizazz to my leafy greens.

Me picky? Naa, I'd just say I have good taste!


  1. You are too funny, lettuce lips:-)!!!

  2. I like lettuce, too! We eat salad for dinner just about every day now, whether it's the main meal or just a side. We never don't have kale or some leafy green in the apartment. I love salad!



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