Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy Food

I think that fondue is just about the happiest of all food genres. What, really, is better than ooey-gooey melted goodness in the form of cheese or chocolate? And let's not forget that this ooey-gooey meltedness brings friends together too. I mean, the very nature of fondue is communal. And then there's the presentation: an adorable pot, complete with small forks, ready to skewer and dip perfectly-cut chunks of bread, fruit, and vegetables right into the happy gooey-ness. This all just makes me smile.

When Mandi and I finally settled on a fondue recipe to try, I was, well...happy. It mattered little that I don't own a fondue set. "I'll just make it in a regular pot," thought I. This wasn't a terrible idea. The fondue still turned out delicious, but it did lack in presentation. Serving the fondue in a bowl was a bit anti-climactic, I must admit. And to make matters worse (visually at least), the fondue wasn't exactly "pretty." Studded with chunks of crumbled chorizo, it looked rather chunky, had an orange-ish hue reminiscent of pepperoni & cheese pizza, and certainly lacked the glamour of traditional, silky smooth cheese fondues. But, my dad asked for the recipe, which I'm pretty sure is a first for me. So what this fondue lacks in appearance, it makes up for in tastiness. Personally, I'd rather eat a funny-looking but tasty fondue than a bland but beautiful one any day.

So, I think I am walking away from my fondue-making experience with a few pretty decent life lessons in my pocket.

1. Choose the unusual over the beautiful.
2. Own a fondue pot.
3. Make fondue. Eat fondue. Be happy.


  1. Go Shopping!! I'll get you a fondue pot:-) This is the best cheese fondue I've ever had ... even beats the one we had at the pub I went to with Nana in Switzerland!! It's a winner!!


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