Sunday, September 25, 2011

it's all about you

Now that the food processor is one of my new, favorite kitchen gadgets, I have no choice but to find remarkable recipes that give me excuses to use it.  Also, we are now officially in the fall season (hooray!) so I figured that if ever there was a moment to whip up some fresh salsa, now would be it.  The last hurrah of summer's vegetables perhaps. 

This salsa is wonderful, and a good measure of its wonderfulness comes from its ability to be flexible.  Let me assure you that this is not one of those high-maintenance recipes.  You know the type.  The risottos and the souffles and the petit fours...those gorgeous, impressive yet highly-demanding and needy little divas of the recipe world. This salsa, rather, is laid-back, casual, and asks "What can I do for you?" No off-the-wall requests.  No stressful demands.  This recipe is about you, dear chef.  And, every so often, isn't it nice to have a recipe put your needs first?

In addition to being otherly-minded, this recipe is also generous.  It results in a large amount of salsa, so if you have a party or a fiesta or a salsa-eating-contest coming up, this would be an especially good time to try this recipe.  And, if you go ahead and make a second batch of this (like I did), then you just might have to start finding salsa-loving-friends who will take some of this deliciousness off your hands.  Prior to our move back to Connecticut, we lived in an apartment building with next-door-neighbors who appreciated random baked goods and Heather-made-concoctions being dropped off at their door.  I keep wishing that I were able to deliver them some of this salsa.  Perhaps our new neighbors would like it too.  But, I feel kind of funny knocking on doors with bowlfuls of salsa.  "I went a little salsa-crazy," I'd have to explain.  Our old neighbors would have understood.  Our new neighbors might look at me with raised eyebrows and a touch of uncertainty. 

In any case, you'll love this salsa because it's tasty and because it loves you back and because it just might help you make new friends...if, of course, they can get past your crazy, salsa-making ways.  And, after one bite of this stuff, that shouldn't be too hard to do.

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  1. I love it!!!!!!!!! No need to wonder:-) Send some over...pronto:-)


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