Monday, September 19, 2011

A Taste of Things to Come

The decision has been made.  Don't try to dissuade us.  The deal is done.  We are going vegan for the month of October.  Now, we've heard and read arguments on both sides of the issue, but after reading one particular article, we wanted to try it out for ourselves and see how we felt and how much we actually missed cheese...amongst other things (but saying goodbye to cheese, I must admit, is my biggest fear).  So, in preparation, we've been delving into vegan cookbooks, talking with vegan friends, and taking some initial steps toward our month-long experiment.  This week's recipe was one such step. 

I like tofu, I like slurries (as my husband and I have come to call anything that involves mixing up multiple ingredients together in a frying pan), and I like experiments.  So, trying this recipe seemed a brilliant idea.  Dan, however, was skeptical of the lemon juice.  His eyes bulged a bit when I pulled the pre-squeezed juice out of the fridge (I prepped all my ingredients during our babe's nap-time, which made this meal exceedingly easy to cook come dinner time. Why don't I do this more often?). 

"Why do you have to go ruining a good recipe with lemon juice?" he teased.  But despite his teasing, I knew that he was at least slightly concerned.  The guy's just not a lemon fan the way that I am.  Still, I persevered.  We would enjoy this meal, this vegan meal, no matter what. I continued sauteing, stirring, mixing, eventually pouring in the lemon juice.  Soon the moment of truth came.  Dinner was ready and the first bite was taken.

"You can't even taste the lemon," Dan commented casually, as if he'd never been worried in the least.  And indeed you really couldn't.  It just added a nice tanginess.  So...what, you ask, did we think of our first purposefully-cooked vegan meal (I say purposefully-cooked because we have made other vegan dishes, just not with that diet-choice in mind)?  Well, if all vegan meals taste this good, then we are in for a most enjoyable October. 

So, bring on the veganism.  This girl is ready to go!

*NOTE: I got to play food-photographer this week, so you get to see how we chose to eat the Tofu bowls.  Mandi opted for the wraps.  Both ways are delightful, although the wraps might help to stretch the meal out so that it feeds more people.


  1. I'm going into October with an open mind:-) If you provide a recipe I can handle, I'll have you over for dinner!

  2. Good luck with October! I can't wait to hear about it. I don't know if I'll ever try this recipe. Tofu kind of creeps me out. I should probably give it a shot and overcome my avoidance of tofu but....


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