Tuesday, February 14, 2012

warning: there's a baby in the kitchen

I'm a muffin person. I honestly think I could have them a few times a week. They go with coffee, with tea, for breakfast, for lunch, even for dinner (or maybe that's just me!). Honestly though, muffins are yummy and they're usually not that difficult to make. Well, not until you add a baby into the mix...

You see, there's this little kid in my life, who I get the privilege of seeing at least twice a week, sometimes more if I'm lucky. This hilarious nephew of mine makes life very interesting and oh-so-entertaining. Now, if there's one thing I've discovered when I'm over at Heather's house cooking, it's this: Little children, who want your attention pretty much all the time, don't make it very easy for you to stand at the counter and measure ingredients. Thankfully this recipe didn't call for anything too complicated, so I was ok in that regard. However, this little guy likes to get your attention any way he can. Here are a few words of warning:

- Be careful not to get too close to him while he's sitting in his highchair. His little hand will surely reach out and attempt to grab your back pocket, making you fall off balance.

- It's best not to ignore him or else he will cough and cough, making you quickly turn around to make sure he's ok. Oh, he's ok alright. He just likes to make Auntie Mandi worry.

- Give him the biggest bib you can find (particularly a bright red one, with a big pocket on the front) so that all the reject dinner items you're trying to feed him, hopefully go in there rather than on the floor.

- Make sure to include him in the cooking process somehow. Give him some of the corn that's going into the muffins, or eventually give him a muffin to eat and hope that he likes it.

- Let him sit at the dinner table like a big kid. It just might go better than you think!

- Oh, and don't forget to tell him that he was a great overseer of the kitchen. Then give him a big smooch. This little dude sure likes it! And he seemed to like the corn muffin too.

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  1. Your "Little O" has totally hooked you:-) Now, he gets more space in your cooking blog than the muffin:-) What a fun read!!


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