Wednesday, December 21, 2011

tube troubles

I think you all know that I like simple recipes. Heather is right when she says we have had a busy December. My weeks have been anything but simple. If anything they have been hectic and a bit stressful. I sang in our church Christmas concert, which required much practice on a weekly basis, I was busy studying for a class, and oh yea, there's that Christmas-present-buying-thing that goes on at this time. We're actually making our gift this year, which almost makes things more stressful! Yet, despite the craziness, I managed to make this cheesecake, which is fantastic! However, even though it fits into my "simple" category, it wasn't too easy getting those crescent rolls out of the package. I realized something about Stop & Shop....

They need to fix their crescent roll packaging and make them easier to open. Aren't you supposed to easily peel the outer covering of the the tube and it should just pop open? Well, that didn't exactly happen for me. I peeled the outer paper covering off and was left with a cardboard tube still tightly intact, with my dough still inside! I had to poke and pry at that tube, which caused a hole in that tube, which provided an escape route for the dough. It started bulging out at a very fast rate through one small hole. I wish I had a picture (or video!) to show you, but as you can imagine, I was frantically trying to cut more. Snip! Snip! Poke Poke! "My dough is going to be ruined before I even touch it!" I managed to finally cut open the cardboard tube before all my dough had escaped. Phew!

Now, wouldn't there be an easier way to store the crescent roll dough? Maybe a zipper would make more sense. Just zzzipp down the side and there you go! I think Stop & Shop does it on purpose. You know, to cause havoc in the kitchen. Especially for people like me. Ok, enough about the dough drama.  Once I finally had the dough out and into my pan, it was very easy to make. I tasted a bit of the cream cheese filing that I would be spreading in the middle and at that moment, I knew this dessert would be a hit. It was perfect for my work Christmas party. Everyone loved it! Aside from my tube troubles, this dessert was so easy to make. Because of the light crescent rolls on the top and bottom, it tasted like a much higher quality prepackaged cheese danish. For a homemade cheesecake, this one was a winner in my book!

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  1. You are too, too, funny, Mandi!!! Ya gotta bang that tube:-)


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